About Charcoal


Thank you for visiting Charcoal by Carlsson's website and showing interested in our restaurant.

Charcoal by Carlsson was founded and started at Diwali 2014 on the roof top of Pratap Bhawan hotel, just behind Jagdish temple, in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The founder and Head Chef, Henric Carlsson, first arrived in Udaipur in the late 90's but has been calling it his home since over a decade.

Chef Henric Carlsson is also the creator of Sweden's largest tourist information website on India, www.indien.nu

Our goal is to serve something unique and different to residents and visitors of Udaipur; whether it is from our glowing charcoal or from our small busy kitchen. As our name suggest, charcoal is our favourite and most important medium for cooking but some of our other favourite dishes comes from pans and pots over open flame. Our latest additions are real traditional Mexican tacos and we will continuously work on changing the food scene of Udaipur.

Head of our Indian food is Viram Kalawi while Manor Singh makes sure everything from the tandoor is perfectly cooked and Jora Ram are grilling up todays food on the barbecue. 

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