A Gastronomic Journey to Mexico!

Chicken Fajita Tacos


Charcoal proudly present another first in Udaipur: Traditional Mexican tacos made with real handmade corn tortillas* and a wide range of fillings and sides.

After months of experimentation, late nights in front of the stove and on the look for the perfect ingredients we are happy to introduce the real traditional Mexican Taco to Udaipur! Whether you like spicy or mild, veg and non veg, we have something for you! And we have much more to come.

As a first step we are introducing the following options:

Fajita (Chicken or Paneer)

(pronounced Fa-hee-ta) Strips of chicken breast or paneer marinated in our mild special beer and herb marinade, then cooked with onion, red, yellow and green bell peppers. A perfect taco for those who want a mild aromatic experience. But don’t worry, ask for spicy salsa and use our in house chipotle aioli on top if you prefer a hotter meal. 

Chicken Tinga

Shredded chicken cooked with onion in a tomato and chipotle** sauce. A spicy treat served in our amazing corn tortillas with a selection of sides. 

Veg Tacos

Inspired by the Tinga, we toss an array of veggies and cubes of paneer in our spicy tomato and chipotle sauce. Just yummy! 

Carne Adobada

Slow cooked, delicious and falling apart. This taco is filled with pork goodness cooked for hours in chipotle, tomato and other spices until it is tender and full of flavours! These tacos might be a bit spicy for some, but top it with the included sides to make it milder if you prefer. 

Taco de Camarones (grilled prawns)

Marinated prawns grilled on our barbecue and served in our soft corn tortillas, topped with Picco de Gallo and sides of Salsa, cream, Chipotle Aioli and pickled onions.

Taco Secrets

There are many steps to create a traditional Mexican taco, here are a few!

Nixtamalization to make the perfect Tortilla

*Our handmade soft corn tortillas are made in a lengthy nixtamalization process to bring out an amazing corn flavour and extra nutrients. We then wash and remove the peel of each and every corn kernel before we grind them manually up to five times to make sure we can cook the softest most flexible and tastiest tortillas possible. This process has been used since thousands of years by the Aztecs and Mayans in the Americas and is now unfortunately becoming a dying art form in the age of readymade flours.

Creating a delicious Chipotle Adobo

** If you visited Charcoal before you might have tried our other dishes with this amazing chili, if not here is what you have missed out. A chipotle is a smoked dried jalapeno chili from mexico. We first cook our chilies for hours to make our special spicy and tangy Chipotle Adobo. We then use it in some of our tacos, our famous Chipotle Aioli and, if we might say it ourselves, nothing less than amazing fusion food, such as Paneer and Chicken Chipotle Tikka!

Carne Adobada -  Slow cooked pork in chipotle and tomato

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