Our large menu is sure to have something for everyone and has been developed over time to suit both domestic as well as foreign clients. Since we are located in Hotel Pratap Bhawan we have made sure to include dishes to suit the taste buds for all hotel guests.

However, our specialties are divided in two different themes, namely our food cooked over coal and our Rajasthani specials. We also made sure to keep the perfect starters, sides and snacks that goes well with your food of choice. Amongst our more popular starters we find fresh Bruschettas, plate of Baba Ganous and hummus served with olive flat breads and our great Veg or Chicken Quesadillas.

Coal Grill

From our coal grill we serve up veg and non veg delicacies from around the world. Chicken breast coated in sticky barbecue sauce and served with your choice of sides and our in house chipotle aioli and Greek cool tzatziki is one example. Our skewers comes with flavours from south east Asia (chicken or Paneer Satay), from the far east (lam, chicken or vegetables in middle eastern spices) or from Europe with a mix of lemon, honey and garlic. All paired with our unique and tasty sauces and dips.

Tandoori Specialists

We are especially proud of our Tandoori fusion where we marry the classic Indian cooking method (tandoor) with flavours from the other side of the world. Be sure to try our Chicken or Paneer chipotle Tikka with spicy Coleslaw and refreshing salsa! And for sure, we kept all the tandoori classics such as tandoori chicken, aloo angara and seekh kababs as perfect as ever. And we kept our tandoor outside in front of you so you can see us cook and learn!

Real Traditional Mexican Tacos

After months of experimentation, late nights in front of the stove and on the look for the perfect ingredients we are happy to introduce the real traditional Mexican Taco to Udaipur! Whether you like spicy or mild, veg and non veg, we have something for you! And we have much more to come.
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Rajasthani Specials

If coal grilled is not your thing, we made sure to make you happy. As Charcoal by Pratap Bhawan is located in the beautiful state of Rajasthan we think it is only logic to serve the amazing food and locally sourced produce. Try our vegetarian Ker Sangri made from desert beans and fruits or why not the all-time favourite Dal Bhati Churma (Lentils, rajasthani bread balls and sweets). For the meat lovers we offer a properly made Lal Maas. Lal Maas gets its red colour from the dried chily and can therefore only be served spicy, very spicy or extremely spicy. But don’t worry, the safed maas (white mutton) is less spicy but still full of flavours.

We understand allergies and special diets

We understand that different people have different dietary needs and we can always offer great food free from gluten (we have three different gluten free options of bread and our gravies and marinades never has flour), free from peanuts (we don’t use the cheaper oils such as peanut or soya bean oils) and we can even offer many vegan alternatives both from the barbecue as well from our Indian kitchen.
Ker Sangri

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